Cii Youth Foundation and Madrasah Miftaahul Uloom presents Teacher and Parent Guide to the Correct Recitation of Surahs and Duas – Notes and Audio Recordings. These notes can be printed and placed in the classroom. Preferably to print on an A3 sheet.

Salient features of the Audio Recordings of Surahs and Duas:

  1. Recitation by Qari Abdurahman Kolia, Imam of Masjidun Nur, Roshnee and Principal of Madrasah Miftaahul Uloom, Roshnee
  2. Surah Fatiha, Surah Asr and last 10 Surahs
  3. Class 1 and 2 duas as per Madrasah (Maktab) syllabus
  4. Includes Kalimahs, Eating, Sleeping and Toilet Duas
  5. Recordings are between 1 – 4 minutes making it easier for the teacher to prepare the lesson
  6. Recordings can be shared with parents to ensure correct recitation is achieved at home
  7. A total of 24 Tracks

For more information contact Ml M Seedat on Whatsapp 

  • +27 84 584 7733