Beyond the boundaries of the school walls

After 15 years of working with the youth since 2003 and with the inception of the Cii Youth Foundation in 2008, a need arose to establish a motivational and sustainable leadership programme for the youth. After many events, mega events, community events, youth development programmes, sporting events, camp trips, development programmes within schools, media programmes on Cii Radio, Haj broadcasts, etc… the youth that were inspired through the initiatives offered by the Cii Youth Foundation have spurred on and motivated a new dynamic programme: The Cii Youth Ambassador Programme.

The executive committee comprises of 4 Ulama and 10 youth from different areas and schools that form the core committee of the Cii Youth Ambassadorial Programme.
The planning of all initiatives pass through the shura (consultative process) of the executive committee
and then announced to involve the broader youth community.

Programs range in the following areas:
  1. Media
  2. Business
  3. Leadership
  4. University Academics
  5. Ulama Academics Islamic
  6. Politics
  7. Campaigns

These programmes grant the opportunity for the participating youth to explore and understand what happens beyond the walls of a school environment.

Look beyond and become an Ambassador!

To be part of the Cii Youth Ambassador Programme, Contact Ml Mohammad Seedat via Whatsapp or click to register.

  • +27 84 584 7733