Islamic Facts

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was meditating in the cave when the angel Jibreel came. He was then asked to read the first ayats of the Qu'ran in the cave of Hira even though he was illiterate. He (SAW) began reading it miraculously.


Khadija (RA) asked Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to marry her even though she was forty, and he was twenty-five. This was unusual at the time because it was usually the husbands who were fifteen years older than the wives.


The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a shepherd for some years before he took his uncle Talib's advice and became a merchant. He was known for being honest, and this characteristic caused Khadija (RA), a wealthy caravan owner, to hire Muhammad (SAW) and later marry him.


Quran was revealed over 23 years: 13 in Mecca and 10 in Madina!


It was only in 1932 the Kiswah (cloth of the Ka'bah) was wholly made by Saudis (citizens of Saudi Arabia).

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Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Allah, the Exalted, says: `I will contend on the Day of Resurrection against three (types of) people: One who makes a covenant in My Name and then breaks it; one who sells a free man as a slave and devours his price; and one who hires a workman and having taken full work from him, does not pay him his wages.''' [Al-Bukhari]

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