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What To Say & When To Say It......

Starting to do something ------- Say BIS-MILLAH

Intending do do something ------------ IN-SHA-ALLAH

Something is being praised - ----------- SUBHAAN-ALLAH

In pain and distress - --------------------YA-ALLAH

Expressing appreciation - ---------------MASHA-ALLAH

Thanking someone ---------------------- JAZAK-ALLAH

Awakening from sleep - -----------------LA-ILAHA-ILL ALLAH

Taking an oath - -------------------------WALLA​H-BILLAH

Sneezing - ------------------------------​--ALHAMDU-LILLAH

Someone else sneezes ---------------- YAR-HAMOK-ALLAH

Repenting for a sin --------------------- ASTAGH-FERULLAH

Giving charity --------------------------- FI-SABI-LILLAH

Having love for someone ------------- LIHUB-BILLAH

Getting married ------------------------- AMAN-TO-BILLAH

Parting from someone ----------------- FI-AMAAN ALLAH

Problems appear------------------- - TAWAK-KALTU-A-LALLAH

Unpleasantness appears ----------- NA-UZU-BILLAH

Pleasantness appears - -------------FATA-BARAK-ALLAH

Participating in prayer --------------- AMEEN

Death message is recieved ----- INNA-LILLAHI-WA INNA-ILAIHI-RAJI-UN

Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Allah, the Exalted, says: `I will contend on the Day of Resurrection against three (types of) people: One who makes a covenant in My Name and then breaks it; one who sells a free man as a slave and devours his price; and one who hires a workman and having taken full work from him, does not pay him his wages.''' [Al-Bukhari]

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