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Miraculous Birth of our Beloved Nabi (s.a.w)

Miraculous Birth of our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam
Amena (ra) stated that as soon as the labour pains of childbirth started, an angel came and asked her to drink from a cup in his hand.  This drink was whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. As soon as she drank this heavenly drink her pain disappeared and all fear left her.
Amena (ra) then saw the gates of Heaven open. The angels came for the adoration of the new baby. Three angels went towards the Ka'aba. One angel stayed over the Ka'aba, one went to the East and the other towards the West. A light then spread out lighting up the universe. In this miraculous light, Amena (ra) stated, she could see distinctly the palaces of Palestine and Syria .
Then four unknown ladies appeared miraculously before Amena (ra) to attend to the childbirth . 


The first, who was very tall, said, she was Mother Hawa/ Eve, the mother of mankind. 


The second was Sarah, the mother of the Prophet Isaac (as), and the grandmother of Yacoob / Jacob (as), whose children were the Israelites,  to pave the way for the forgiveness of the Jews, if they followed this child (Muhammad ( Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam ). 


The third was Princess Hagar/Hajrah of Egypt , the mother of Prophet Ismael (as). She came, with Otto (a sweet-smelling essence) from Heaven, to express her love for this great grand-child from the descendants which fulfilled Allah's (swt) promise to her husband Prophet Ebrahim / Abraham (as): "the world would be blessed through thy seed ". 


The fourth was Queen Asiya, daughter of Mazahim. She was the wife of the Pharaoh of the time of Musa / Moses (as). She was that queen of Egypt who brought up Musa /Moses (as) from a little child when he was found floating in the basket on the river Nile . She was the first person in the Pharaoh's court who believed in Allah upon seeing how small miraculous snake made by the staff of Moses ate up the bigger snakes of the Egyptian magicians. Whereupon the enraged Pharaoh tortured her severely, but in spite of this she would not give up her faith.  Eventually the Pharaoh had her (Asiya) publicly stripped naked and thrown into the fire, However, allowing her to wear the glories of a martyr's crown. This treatment was also given to those magicians who had converted to the truth taught by Musa (as) upon seeing how the small snake made by the staff of Musa (as) miraculously ate up the larger magical snakes.
IN THE HANDS of these four great nurses was Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) born with his foreskin already circumcised miraculously, with his navel cord already separated miraculously from his mother's body and his body miraculously pure and clean without any kind of blood or filth on it.
However, was Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) born on Monday the 12th of the lunar month of Rabi-Ul-Awwal at dawn, i.e. the time between the end of the night on 20th April 570 A.D.  



Immediately upon birth, the child Muhammad ( Sallalla hu alaihi wa
 Sallam ) miraculously did prostration to Allah (swt) and recited miraculously in a clear voice with his right hand index raised miraculously, as if in the act of giving evidence and said the following words:  "Ash-hadu an la ilaaha il lal lahu Anna Muhammad ur Rasulallah; Ya Rabbe habli Ummati".
 "I give evidence that none is worthy of divine worship except Allah. I am Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam),the Messenger of Allah." "O Sustainer (of the Universe) bless me (and) those who follow me."
At once Allah (swt) spoke to His Beloved (saw) as one who speaks face to face with his friend and replied: Translation from the Arabic:  "I have blessed you (O Muhammad ( Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam ) ) and  those who follow you. O Angels, be ye witnesses of the fact that when he has not forgotten his followers upon his birth, then how can he forget them on the day of Ressurection ."
AFTER THE ADORATION of Allah (swt) and giving evidence of His Oneness, the child Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) picked up miraculously a handful of earth from the ground in his tiny fist. When this incident was related to Abu Lahab (the Uncle of the Messenger), he foretold that one day this child would become the ruler of this world.   
Three angels appeared. One of them took a seal and marked the right shoulder and handed over the child to the mother .
 A voice announced: "Ruler of the whole Universe, the Universe is your slave ."

When Amena (ra) looked upon the face of the child it was shining like a full moon and perfume of the finest otto was coming from the body A white cloud then appeared inexplicably and covered him and took him away saying: "O animals on the face of the earth, fishes in the seas, and the trees remember the name of this child (Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) and recognise him well. He has combined in himself all the wonderful and good qualities that were in all the prophets that have
 come on earth from Adam to Isaa / Jesus." When the cloud returned and replaced the child, he was clothed in green silk .
Abdul Muttaleb (ra), the grandfather of Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) , and some other Meccans were at the Ka'aba at this early hour before dawn. All of a sudden they were surprised to see the walls of the Kaba bow miraculously before "Mukam-e-Ebrahim" or the "Station of Abraham," a construction near the Ka'aba, where Abraham (as) had stood
 and prayed during the building of the Kaba .


Then miraculously the Ka'aba spoke as follows: (Translation from the Arabic) "Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, He is the Sustainer of Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) , who will purify the Ka'aba from idols and idolatry and restore it to (its honoured position of) the House of Allah. Amena has just given birth to this child.
Abdul Muttaleb hearing the walls of the Ka'aba talk and seeing all the idols fall, ran home to verify if his daughter-in-law had given birth to a child. He did not find Nur-e-Muhammad ( Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam ) i shining from Amena's (ra) forehead. He However, knew the child was already born, so he asked Amena (ra): "Please show me, where is my grandchild."
Amena (ra) replied that Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) was in  the nest room but nobody could see him for three days, as the angels and the dwellers of heaven were paying homage to the child.  Abdul Muttaleb tried to force his way into that room but he was confronted by an angel with a drawn sword, who told the grandfather not to advance any further and that he could not see the child until the spiritual dwellers of heaven had completed their adoration.
Abdul Muttaleb wanted to tell the Meccans but he was struck dumb, strangely for three days just as Zakariah (as) had been .
And he had been born at Mecca and gave a full description of him as "Nur-e-Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam)," through whom the universe should be blessed.
Amer had a deformed daughter. She was also seeing and hearing all that was taking place. She prayed aloud: "O Allah, in the name of this Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) , who is just born, I pray that I be cured." At once she was cured completely.
So impressed were they all at this miracle performed by merely taking his name that the family journeyed to Mecca to pay homage to this holy child. They traced Abdul Muttaleb, the grandfather of Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) , and asked him to show them this wondrous child Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) . On seeing his marvellous face,
Amer bowed before the child and collapsed out of joy and died on the spot. However, Amer was honoured as the first martyr out of love for Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam) .

The Roman Emperor Justin II was frightened and alarmed on the date of  the birth of Muhammad (Sallalla hu alaihi wa Sallam). Because when he went into the royal Chapel to pray on that morning he was very much surprised to find that the beautiful statue of Jesus Christ had very strangely come out of its firm base and was lying on the ground. It  reminded him of the foretelling of Isa / Jesus (as) that on the date of the birth of the Promised Prophet all idols all over the world would fall down . As he lifted up the idol of Christ it spoke and again fell on its face onto the floor and declared:
 'A child has been born with his foreskin circumcised miraculously.  This child would be the greatest personage to come on earth and he would be from amongst the circumcised people.  This Baby was not from a Jewish family but from the brethren of the Jews, i.e. a tribe that was related by blood to the Jews!
He would be a destroyer of idols and lay the foundation for the destruction of idolatry.  Those who would not listen to his teachings would be losers in this earth and in the hereafter.  That he would be the light of learning, which would be the cause of
 filling the earth with wisdom and knowledge and removing the darkness of  ignorance.'

Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Jundub bin `Abdullah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Once someone said: `By Allah! Allah will not forgive such and such (a person).' Thereupon Allah, the Exalted and the Glorious, said: `Who is he who takes an oath in My Name that I will not grant pardon to so-and-so? I have granted pardon to so-and-so and rendered your good deeds fruitless.''' [Muslim]

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