Cii Youth - Holiday Programme 2014

Cii Youth Foundation opens its doors to the Ontdekkers Astro and Sports Center on Thursday, 11 December 2014 offering Astro Turf Soccer, Action cricket, Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Bicycles and skateboarding on the NEW Skateboard Park. Only R 20.00 per person. Call the Center Manager: Hfz Ilyaas on 0748483853 for more details.

The Programme line up and bookings this December:

01 December 2014 - Arthur Mathews Primary School, Florida - booked

02 December 2014 - Private Madressa from Lenasia - booked

03 December 2014 - MTN Corporate booking - booked

06 December 2014 - Soccer Tournament - open

07 December 2014 - Bellevue Football Club - booked

11 December 2014 - Cii Youth Foundation Youth Programme (details above) - open

12 December 2014 - Cii Youth and Ontdekkers League awards evening. Starts at 7:30pm - open

13 December 2014 - Muslim Youth of Kinross Youth programme - booked

14 December 2014 - Private function - booked

Visit: www.onastro.co.za for more info



Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Jundub bin `Abdullah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, "Once someone said: `By Allah! Allah will not forgive such and such (a person).' Thereupon Allah, the Exalted and the Glorious, said: `Who is he who takes an oath in My Name that I will not grant pardon to so-and-so? I have granted pardon to so-and-so and rendered your good deeds fruitless.''' [Muslim]

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