4th National 40 Hadeeth Memorisation Competition Finals - Winners

4th National Hadeeth Memorisation Competition Finals - Winners

An eventful evening of listening to the gloriious Ahadeeth of Rasullulah (SAW) being recited by the youth. On the 30 September 2014, the 4th National 40 Ahadeeth meorisation Competition Finals was held. 9 finalists competed against each other in two categories:

1 - 10 Ahadeeth

1 - 20 Ahadeeth

The learners that participated represented the following institutions:

Lenasia Muslim School

Roshnee Islamic School

Nurul Islam Muslim School

Khanqah Sheikh Zakariyya

Springs Muslim Schools

Only fractions of marks between 1 - 3 marks separated the participants. The competition was adjudicated by Ml Azhar Seedat and Ml Abdullah Haffejee. The entire proceedings from the prelim rounds was facilitated by Ml Shakeer Seedat. The programme since inception was elaborated by Ml Mohammad Seedat. Hfz Ebrahim Moosa hosted the programme and was broadcasted LIVE on Channel Islam International. A live crossing was also made to Sh Khatieb Fikrah (Ustaad of Arabic and Hadeeth - Roshnee Islamic School).

The standard of the competition has been increasing annually with a record of 128 participants this year.

The winners were as follows:

1 - 10 Ahadeeth - Umair Quraishi of Springs Muslim School. The Winning prize was R 1000.00

1 - 20 Ahadeeth - Sabera Ahmed - Nurul Islam Muslim School. The Winning prize was R 2500.00

All the finalists will receive a consolation prize.

Ml Shakier concluded by saying: "There is a need to promote the memorisation and preservation of the Ahdaeeth of Rasullullah (SAW) and more schools should participate in this event."

The two GOLD sponsors of the event was Motordeal Nissan - Ormonde and Africa Muslims Agency

For more info call: Ml Mohammad Seedat on 0845847733



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