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How to Boost Your Laptop Sound Level?

As all we know Laptops doesn't
generate the perfect amount of sound
that the user can get out from a
Desktop PC. Laptop PCs can't give the

best and the highest sound level to
hear some low voices. Even though we
can Increase the Laptop Sound Level
to the max than it can give. This trick is
a simple tweak configuration steps
that's provided by Windows Vista,
Windows 7 and probably Windows 8.
Here are the few steps I did to Boost
my Laptop Sound Level to the

1) Go to Start > Control Panel
2) Click Hardware and Sound
3) Click the Manage audio devices link.
4) Select the device that you are using
(e.g: Speakers ) then click Properties
5) Click Enhancements tab for all list of
6) Check the effect that says "Loudness
7) Click OK to apply all changes.
Done! Now open any media audio file
and test the new Perfect sound without
any noises that can be generated by
the speakers (totally perfect and clean).
Enjoy !

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