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Man, Woman

The words “man” (rajul) and “woman” (mar’ha) are also employed equally: 23 times..

{Will they not ponder the Qur’an? If it had been from other than Allah, they would have found many inconsistencies in it (Qur’an, 4:82)}

The number of times the words “man” and “woman” are repeated in the Qur’an,23, is at the same time that of the chromosomes from the egg and sperm in the formation of the human embryo. The total number of human chromosomes is 46; 23 each from the mother and father.

Human Being

“Human being” (insan) is used 65 times: The sum of the number of references to the stages of man’s creation is the same: i.e.


Human being =65

-Soil (turaab) -17

-Drop of sperm (nutfah) -12

-Embryo (‘alaq) -6

-A half formed lump of flesh (muthghah) -3

-Bone (‘idham) -15

-Flesh (lahm) -12

17+12+6+3+15+12 = 65

Land, Sea

The word “land” (barr, yabas) appears 13 times in the Qurán and the word “sea” (bahr) 32 times, giving a total of 45 references. If we divide that number by that  of the number of references to the land we arrive at the figure 28.888888888889%. The number of total references to land and sea, 45, divided by the number of references to the sea in the Qurán, 32, is 71,111111111111%. Extraordinarily, these figures represent the exact proportions of land and sea on the earth today. 238


The word “salawat”appear 5 times in the Qurán, and Allah has commanded man to perform the prayer (salaah) fives times a day.

Treachery, Foul

“Treachery” (khiyanah) is repeated 16 times, while the number of repetitions of the word “foul” (khabith) is 16.

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Hadeeth Newsflash

Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Allah, the Exalted, says: `I will contend on the Day of Resurrection against three (types of) people: One who makes a covenant in My Name and then breaks it; one who sells a free man as a slave and devours his price; and one who hires a workman and having taken full work from him, does not pay him his wages.''' [Al-Bukhari]

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