Cii Youth - Projects Department Respond to crsis in Kliptown

Cii Projects responds as walls collapse in Kliptown


Cii Projects | 04 February 2014

Mrs. Rose Dooks, her grandson Hello Hilton, Mr. Arthur Moore and Mr. AJ Martin have been neighbours on Main Street in Kliptown, the place where South Africa’s historic Freedom Charter was adopted at the Congress of the People, on 26 June 1955.

58 years later, they continue to live in derelict conditions suffering as do millions of South Africans in homes that can barely stand.

On Friday, 31 January 2014, following heavy rain in the area, a wall connecting their two homes melted away.


With a resounding thud it collapsed. The mortar holding the bricks together clearly didn’t have enough cement in the formula. It’s nothing strange. In fact it may have been something expected. These kinds of rudimentary building methods have been commonly used by South Africans embedded in poverty.

The collapsed wall leaves children and adults exposed to the elements – Cii

The weekend that followed brought with it more rain and increased the agony for the neighbourly folk.

“What can we do?” said Mrs. Dooks. “This is our life. Any help, anything at all, will be appreciated.”

Cii Projects responded to the plight of the neighbours affected by the wall collapse.

Food parcels and blankets were hastily organised and handed over to the family on Tuesday, 4 February 2014.

“This is obviously not the solution to these people’s problems,” said Moulana Mohammad Seedat of the Cii  Projects team. “However it’s just a little something to say that despite all the craziness of the world, there are still people who care.”

For the Dooks, Moore and Martin families, they live in hope that the Freedom Charter will become a reality and that, “All people shall have the right to live where they choose, be decently housed, and to bring up their families in comfort and security.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to the activities of the Cii Projects team can contact 011 494 7000 or make a direct deposit to:

Account Holder: Cii Youth Foundation – Projects

Bank name: Absa

Account No: 924 541 4655

Branch Code: 630143



The Word of Allah – Al Quraan – in Mozambique

The Word of Allah – Al Quraan – in Mozambique


Cii Youth Foundation – Projects | 31 January 2014

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallaho anho) narrated that Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said, “Never do a people collect in one of the houses of Allah (mosque) reciting the Qur’an and reading it out to one another, but sakeenah (tranquillity) descends upon them, rahmat (mercy) enshrouds them, the angels throng around them and Almighty Allah mentions them, in the assembly of angels.” (Muslim, Abu Dawood)

The Glorious Quraan, has since the advent of Islam, been the constitution of all those who have proclaimed the Islamic faith. It contains within its pages the solution to the every problem mankind has faced and will face until the Final Hour. It is a companion for those who are alone, a guide for those seeking guidance and the most respected, revered and accepted source of knowledge to over one billion Muslims across the globe.

Sadly tough, there are still many places of the world that do not have access to the written copy of this most venerable of books. At times, war, natural disasters or shear poverty have severed the connection that once existed between the reader and the Quraan.

One such place where the Quraan has been found to be in scant number has been northern Mozambique, despite its high Muslim population. It is here that Cii Youth Foundation – Projects aims to make a difference. We hope to send thousands of Quraans to this remote section of Africa to help reconnect Muslims with what is quite possibly their most valuable treasure – The Noble Quraan.

You can become a part of this project and earn eternal reward for yourself or a deceased loved one by contributing as little as R50 towards the Cii Youth Foundation Quraan project. You will essentially help people in safe-guarding their Imaan by remaining attached to the Quraan.

For Allah says in the Quraan: “O you who believe! If you will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly.” (Muhammad 47:7 )

Account Holder: Cii Youth Foundation – Projects

Bank name: Absa

Account No: 924 541 4655

Branch Code: 630143

Branch: Trade Route Mall, Lenasia

Islamic history and challenges

Recognised as one of the modern world’s poorest nations, Mozambique has a long and proud history of Islam dating back to the 4the century in the Hijri calendar.

Arab traders brought along the religion calling for the worship of one Creator with Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the final messenger of God resulting in the eventual establishment of the Kilwa Sultanate by the 10th century CE.

In the years that followed nearly all of the inhabitants of Africa’s east coast would turn to Islam.

The colonial conquest of the Portuguese however opened wounds within the Ummah allowing for the seeds of Christianity to be planted amongst once established Muslim communities and those following the local African traditions.

The almost unending financial supply to the missionary endeavors has persisted now for centuries. Although true figures remain hard to come by, thousands of Muslims are believed to have converted to Christianity.

Currently about 17% of Mozambicans remain Muslim, including a growing Shia community.

Christian missionaries

A quick search on the internet provides the details of dozens of Christian missionary groups that have targeted Mozambique as fertile ground for spreading the Gospel.

A website attributed to the Ligonier Ministries for example has stated that, “As the civil wars have ended in Portuguese speaking Mozambique and Angola, tremendous opportunities for missions have developed. Once Protestants made up less than 4% of the total population of Mozambique. Now Protestants are over 34% of what, under the Portuguese, was an officially Catholic country, and then for 20 years was officially atheistic under the Marxist Frelimo regime.”

SIM is another international mission organization with more than 1,600 active missionaries serving in more than 60 countries.

According to their website, “Mozambique has enjoyed peace and religious freedom since the war ended in 1992. It has, at times, been called the world’s poorest country due to colonial exploitation (470 years) followed by 30 years of brutal guerrilla warfare and many years of Marxist oppression. The infrastructure was devastated but now is slowly being rebuilt…Mozambique is part of the Region of Southern Africa (ROSA) administration….About one million coastal Makhua are unreached Muslims. Other Muslim peoples with very few churches are the Makonde, Yao, Meetto, and Nyungwe.”

Church Planting has been a concept used by Christian missionaries to entice people into leaving their religions. According to SIM, “the northwest area of Mozambique has been neglected for many years because of isolation and civil strife, but now the door is open to bring the good news of Jesus to the people there…The vision is to plant Chiyao speaking churches, most likely in partnership with other similar efforts by indigenous or expatriate organizations. Methods will vary depending on team makeup, but could include TESL, community health and development, agriculture assistance, Bible classes for children, women, men, couples, marriage enrichment, HIV-AIDS work and others.”

Similar such church plantings have been established for years by others as well.

The Muapula Mission Station was set up by a Mr. Frits van der Merwe in northern Mozambique. The ordained pastor and his wife, a social worker, have been running the mission and medical clinic for a number of years until the government eventually opened a clinic. She is now involved in teaching pre-school at the school on the mission station.

The Mission’s website states: “His (Van Der Merwe’s) main task is church planting and doing evangelising work. Two small churches has since been established and he is also responsible for the catechism of the new members as well as preaching.”

The Dynamic Church Planting International states: “Africa is on fire! …. with church planting, that is! As a church planting movement sweeps across this beautiful land, enriching the children of God who live there, we watch the torch being passed from Nigeria to Malawi to Mozambique….Mozambique, where 117 leaders were recently trained in Church Planting Essentials. Of those leaders, 30 qualified as Certified Trainers.”

Examples of active Christian missionary work are endless. So where do we fit in as Muslims. Local Muslims and Ulema are trying their best to face the challenges. Humanitarian aid groups are doing the little they can to project a positive image of Islam and sincerely help humanity.

The Cii Youth Foundation – Projects department has taken on the task of raising funds to purchase and transport copies of the Qura’an to northern Mozambique. We ask you to join us in safe-guarding our deen and the deen of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

For more info call: Ml Mohammad Seedat on 0114947000 or 0845847733

35th King Abdul Aziz International Quraan Memorisation Competition 1435

35th King Abdul Aziz International Quraan Memorisation Competition 1435

Talha Dockrat of Laudium South Africa takes 5th position in the 35th King Abdul Aziz International Quraan Memorisation Competition 1435 held in Makkah Mukarramah.

Other students that featured in the 25 recipients of awards as per category included students from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Reunion, Comaro Islands, Egypt and other countries.

At least 14 students that took prizes were from the continent of Africa.

We also place on record our congratulations to our other participants that repreesnted South Africa at this years 35th King Abdul Aziz International Quraan Memorisation Competition 1435

For more info on the Regionals, National and International Quraan Memorisation Competion, Kindly contact Ml Mohammad Seedat on 0845847733, Hfz Mohammad Wadee on 0825578611 or Qari Basheer Patel on 0847865123

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